Show Me the Revenue as a Blogger – 9 Part Video Training Series

Here’s what topics we cover in this program:

1) Picking a Money Making Topic – If you want to be a blogger, why not come up with one that actually makes you money? We will discuss steps to picking a money making topic.

2) Creating Money Making Content – What type of content should you be writing about to help generate revenue? We discuss all of the ways that the pro-bloggers make money with their blog content.

3) Revenue With Sponsorships – Learn how Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies will sponsor you and your blog! There is big money in sponsorships. We will show you exactly how to get sponsored.

4) Revenue With Partnerships – There is big money partnering with corporations, associations, massive websites, etc. We will show you exactly how to get started today.

5) Revenue With Affiliates – You’ve heard the term ‘Affiliates’ before but how do you find them? And once you find them, what’s the most effective way to do deals with them? We will discuss all of the ways that the pro-bloggers work with affiliates.

6) Revenue With Advertising and Agents– Did you know that you can work with an agent that connects bloggers with big companies? Did you know that you could also partner with advertisers and generate revenue on a larger scale? We discuss this in our program!

7) Revenue With Upsells, Products, Information Products, etc. – There are so many ways to sell products and information products on your blog. We discuss all of the ways to get started developing upsell opportunities for your readers so you can start generating revenue more quickly.

8) Revenue With Speaking/ Hosting Events – Learn how pro-bloggers increase traffic to their blogs through speaking and hosted events.

9) Revenue With SEO/ Social Media – How do pro-bloggers use social media and SEO to grow their audience? We discuss the methods that they use to drive traffic to their sites.

10) Additional Ways to Get Paid to Write – Want to learn more ways to get paid for your writing skills? We will discuss various options to generate additional revenue with your writing skills.

Bonus: We interview a pro-blogger who has been sponsored by American Express, Microsoft, etc. She explains exactly how she generates revenue with these companies as a blogger!

Our sole focus in this program is to tell you exactly where the money is in with blogging.

We do this because we believe that once you know where the money is with blogging you can make decisions as to where to focus your efforts. Knowledge is power and we want to support you to succeed as a blogger!

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