Show Me the Revenue Mission Statement

To Create a Positive Movement For Change so that Anyone Who Wants to Start Their Own Business and Work For Themselves Finally Can With Our How-To Systems and Guides!

The Story Behind the Story

Show Me the Revenue comes from a very special place in my heart. It comes from years of having my own burning desire to start a business.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to start my own business. The problem for me was that I had a very successful career in sales for 20 years and I didn’t just want to start any business – it had to be a business that I was really passionate about,  had to fit my lifestyle AND had to make the kind of money that I was used to.

Well…that is the story I told myself.  I later learned that my delay in starting my own business had to do with my own money mindset issues. But that’s another story :-).

But during the years of trying to figure out what type of business I wanted to start, I read a lot of books, reviewed a ton of training programs and spoke to experts in fields in just about every industry – I was obsessed!

And it’s funny – what I later realized was that all I really wanted to know was how the experts made money in that industry. I wanted to know what experts did to succeed.  And I would eventually find my answers – but it took forever because no one would readily share!

And that’s why I decided to create the Show Me the Revenue series.  This is my dream actualized – a way for people to get their answers quickly so they can finally become entrepreneurs.

My entire goal with this website is to empower people to succeed in life. That’s it.  Having my own business has been gift in my life. And I only wish this for you.

To your success,


Karen Waksman