Show Me the Revenue As a Sales Person – 5 Part Online Video Training Series

Here’s what topics we cover in this program:

1) Selling With No Sales Experience – This program is perfect for those of you who do not know how to sell,  but would like to know the easiest way to sell products to big companies! This program was developed initially for my Retail MBA  students who wanted to know how to generate additional revenue with their products. The information provided discusses the best way to approach big companies with any new product!

2) The 3 Step PROVEN Process to Product Sales Success – I’ve used this 3 step process for close to 20 years as a sales professional. It’s made companies many millions of dollars. This is the first time I’ve shared my strategy in a training program such as this! So excited to share!

3) Use Your Brain Not Your Sales Skills – The methods taught in this program are all about strategy and using your brain power. So if you are interested in cold calling all day long, this program is NOT for you. My methods are always 90% strategy and 10% actually selling.

4) Simple Sales Strategies That Work – This program was developed for people without any sales experience or buyer relationships. That is why we will be covering simple sales strategies that anyone can utilize to get started selling their products to companies today!

5) Finding New Revenue Streams For Your Products – Once you review the program, you will see that the opportunities for selling your products to companies are endless!

6) Finding the Right Buyer to Contact – How do you find a buyer to contact? We will show you how!

7) What to Say to the Buyer to Get Them to Buy – Once you have a potential buyer on the phone or in person, what do you say to them? We will discuss this as well!

Our sole focus in this program is to give you a simple yet effective ways to sell your products to companies.

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