Show Me the Revenue As an Author – 10 Part Video Training Series

Here’s what topics we cover in this program:

1) Revenue With Retail – Major retailers can buy mass quantities of your books! Learn the basics on getting your books sold at Major Retailers, Online Retailers, etc.

2) Revenue With Companies – Did you know that large corporations can buy large quantities of your books? Get some tips and strategies on how to get started today selling your books to companies!

3) Revenue With Partnerships – Who can you partner with to sell more books? Authors can sell volumes of their books by partnering with associations, etc. Find out more about this strategy in this segment!

4) Revenue With Piggybacking Off of Other People’s Efforts – What if you don’t have a big marketing budget or an email list but you want to sell lots of books? In this segment, I discuss various strategies on how to work with people who already have all of the marketing in place that is ideal for your book and how you can piggyback off of their efforts!

5) Eyeballs to Your Website – What are some ways you can get people to your website? More eyeballs to your website means more money in your pocket! In this segment, I discuss various ways that Authors can get more people to their websites to sell more books!

6) Revenue With Programs – What if you can make even more money with your books by offering certification programs, membership sites, etc.? In this segment, I discuss how you can leverage your book content to create more sales opportunities for yourself.

7) Revenue With Distributors – Distributors can help you make big money with your books! They have partnerships with large retailers, etc. In this segment, I discuss how to get started with distributors and some basic strategies to get you started today!

8) Revenue With Getting Exposure – What are some strategies you can use today to get more exposure for your book? In this segment, we discuss some key strategies that will help you get more exposure such as media, contests and more!

9) Revenue With Speaking – If you are an Author, one awesome way to make money with your books is by setting up speaking engagements! In this segment, we discuss some best practices on how you can sell more books while speaking!

10) How to Find and Approach Key Decision Makers – If you are going to use any of these strategies, you are going to have to know how to find and approach key decision makers. In this segment, I walk you through how to find key decision makers and the best ways to approach them with your book!

Our sole focus in this program is to give you a simple yet effective ways to sell more books! Absolutely no sales experience or buyer relationships required!

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