Show Me the Revenue As an Infopreneur – 6 Part Video Training Series

Here’s what topics we cover in this program:

1) About the Information Product Industry – If you are interested in creating eBooks, Books, Training Courses, etc. then this program will show you how to get started today!

2) Where the Revenue is – We honed in the top ways experts make money with information products so you can better focus your efforts.

3) Developing a Money Making Strategy – Strategy is essential to your success with information products. Therefore, we will discuss all of the ways to develop an effective strategy for your information product business.

4) Picking a Money Making Topic – If you want to create information products, why not come up with a topic that actually makes you money? We will discuss steps to picking a money making topic.

5) Creating an Information Product in Two Weeks – The first eBook Karen Waksman (Founder of Show Me the Revenue) created took 3 months to write. What a nightmare! And it was a short eBook! After that Karen vowed to come up with a different strategy on creating information products. So she learned from experts, tested stuff out and came up with her own system of creating information products fast. The result? The next training program Karen created only took two weeks!! This program consisted of 10 videos, 5 books a binder, carrying case and an online training course that she sold for around $1000! And it was powerful, valuable content that people truly love!! What was the difference? Karen has an efficient and effective system to create information products fast. And we will show you exactly how we do that in this program.

6) Setting Up Your Systems to Make Money – What systems do you need to take payment for your information products? Where do you actually store your content when finished? How do you print the content if you want to create a physical program that delivers to people’s homes? We discuss some key options to help you get started today.

7) Marketing Plans That Yield Results – How do the experts make money with information products? How do they plan their marketing strategy? Creating a marketing plan that yields results is essential to your success when creating information products.

8) Best Practices For Information Product Businesses – If you want to turn your information product into a real business, what do you need to know to make that happen? Learn from the mistakes that Karen Waksman made related to starting her own information product business and the best practices she learned from the top money makers in the industry as well. Our ultimate goal in providing you this information is to help you win!

Our sole focus in this program is to show you exactly where the money is with information products.

We do this because we believe that once you know where the money with information products you can make decisions as to where to focus your efforts. Knowledge is power and we want to support you to succeed as an infopreneur!

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