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Show Me the Revenue With Selling Your Products to Catalogs 

Here’s what topics we cover in this program:

1) What to Expect When Selling to Catalogs – If you’ve never sold to catalogs before then how would you know what they will expect from you? This program covers the key things to know about when selling to catalogs.

2) How the Buying Process Works – It’s essential to know how the buying process works with catalogs so that you can effectively approach them.

3) How to Find Catalog Buyers – We provide you all of the ways to find catalogs buyers contact information. We’ve also included a one hour bonus training video on finding a buyer’s contact information at catalogs, big box stores and online retailers, too!

4) How Catalogs Differ From Big Box and Online Retailers – It’s important to know all of the ways to generate revenue with catalogs and we discuss key differentiating factors to consider when selling to catalogs vs. selling to stores.

5) Best Ways to Pitch Catalogs – How do you actually approach a catalog and convince them to buy? We discuss strategies that people with no sales experience or buyer relationships can use to get started today.

7) Preparing Your Product For Catalog Success – We include best practices and strategies for selling to catalogs to ensure your success.

Our sole focus in this program is to tell you exactly where the money is with selling to catalogs.

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