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Selling Your Products to Online Retailers

Here’s what’s included in this program:

1) What to Expect When Selling to Online Retailers – If you haven’t sold products to online retailers before then how would you know what they expect from you? The more you know the better success you will have with online retail buyers! We will cover all of the key aspects of selling to online retailers in this program.

2) How the Buying Process Works – It is imperative that you understand the buying process if you want to get your products sold online! We will explain how the buying process works with online retailers and how they vary from other types of retailers.

3) How to Find Online Retail Buyers Name and Contact Information – We walk you through an entire process of how manufacturer’s reps find buyer’s name and contact information!

4) How They Differ From Chain Stores – There are some big differences with selling online vs. selling to stores. We will cover everything you need to know to get started today!

5) Best Way to Approach Online Retail Buyers – We walk you through exactly how to approach online retail buyers. This is the way all manufacturer’s rep approach them.

6) Preparing Your Product For Online Retail Success – In order to sell to online retailers, you need to prepare accordingly. We will cover product preparation in this program as well.

7) What to Say to the Buyer to Get Them to Buy – Once you have a potential buyer on the phone or in person, what do you say to them? We will discuss exactly how manufacturer’s reps approach online retailers.

Our sole focus in this program is to give you a simple yet effective ways to sell your products to online retailers.

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