Show Me the Revenue as an Inventor – 6 Part Video Training Series

Here’s what topics we cover in this program:

1) Where the Revenue is – We will discuss all of the ways experts make money with products and product ideas. What’s the point in creating a product if you don’t make any money with it? The more you know, the better success you will have with being an inventor.

2) Revenue With Selling Local – There is money in your own backyard! Learn how people make money with their products on a local level – at fairs, smaller retail stores and even with big box stores with their local buying programs.

3) Revenue With Retail – You want to sell to retail but you’re not sure which direction to go. Should you go after the big box stores? What do they expect from you? Are there other ways to get started without having to stress yourself out? This segment will discuss the various ways to get started with retail.

4) Revenue With Private Label – You’ve heard this term but you are not sure what it means. Well…it’s another way to sell to the big box stores! In this segment we will discuss best practices on how to get started with private label – a topic that many of your competitors don’t know much about.

5) Revenue With Licensing – If you have a brilliant product idea, this option is perfect for you! Learn where the revenue is with renting your ideas to large corporations ie licensing. Licensing is also an awesome option for companies who already have manufactured products but just want to generate more revenue. Exciting! We discuss all of the ways you can generate revenue with licensing.

6) Revenue With Partnering – Partnering can be an awesome way to generate revenue with your product or product idea. We discuss all of the things to think about in regards to partnering and how to get started today.

7) Revenue With Companies – Companies buy products! Learn the various ways you can generate revenue with selling directly to small and large companies and organizations.

8) Revenue With As Seen On TV– You think your product would be great on TV, but what do you need to know to get started? Should you focus on QVC and HSN, partnering with As Seen on TV companies or what? We discuss the various options to help you get started today.

9) Revenue With Catalogs – How do catalogs purchase products? How do you get started with selling to catalogs? We discuss why you should consider selling to catalogs and the types of products they are looking for.

10) Revenue With Online Retailers – You want to sell to or and other online retailers but you are not sure how to get started. We will discuss the various options you need to know about selling to online retailers.

Our sole focus in this program is to tell you exactly where the money is as an Inventor so you can decide what you want to do with your brilliant product or product idea.

We do this because we believe that once you know where the money is in the invention industry you can make decisions as to where to focus your efforts. Knowledge is power and we want to support you to succeed as an Inventor!

So if you’re ready to get started and learn exactly where the money is in the invention industry, click on the ‘buy now’ button below.