Show Me the Revenue as a Professional Speaker Training Series Outline

Here’s what topics we cover in this program:

1) About the Professional Speaker Industry – Why you should even consider being a professional speaker. Is there any real money in it?

2) Where the Revenue is – We honed in the top 5 ways experts make money as a speaker so you can better focus your efforts!

3) Picking a Money Making Topic – If you want to be a speaker, why not come up with one that actually makes you money! We will discuss steps to picking a money making topic.

4) Developing a Money Making Speech – What if you’ve never spoken live before? What if you are testing out a new topic? Don’t you want to make sure your speech is going generate revenue? We will discuss the quickest, cheapest ways to test out your money making topic.

5) Revenue With Corporate Events – If you’ve ever wanted to speak for corporations this segment will show you how! We will discuss what they are looking for and how to actually approach them and get them to hire you.

7) Revenue With Professional, Civil and Social Associations – There are endless opportunities to speak for associations. We will discuss what they are looking for and how to actually approach them and get them to hire you.

8) Revenue With Universities and Colleges – Did you know that you don’t always need a degree to speak at colleges? We will discuss what they are looking for and how to actually approach them so that they hire you!

9) Revenue With Creating Your Own – If you’ve always wanted to put on your own event, we will discuss things to think about and how to get started today!

10) Revenue With Speakers Bureaus – If you want to work with Speakers Bureaus, we will discuss what they are looking for and how to get them to represent you!

11) 5 Steps to Getting Booked as a Speaker – Experts know how to get booked as professional speakers and so should you!

12) Creating a Marketing Plan to Drive Traffic to Your Events – What’s the point in putting on an event if no one shows up? Learn strategies on how to drive traffic to your events!

13) Additional Ways to Generate Revenue as a Speaker – Want to learn more about back-of-the-room sales, etc? We discuss best practices on how to generate revenue effectively as a professional speaker!

14) Best Practices For Brochures – Whats the best way to create a brochure? What should be be included? We cover key tips and strategies to help you get started.

15) Best Practices For Press Kit – What marketing collateral should you create as a professional speaker so you get more bookings? We discuss what the experts include in their ‘press kits!’

16) Best Practices For Direct Mail Pieces – Learn money making strategies on creating direct mail pieces for your events!

17) Best Practices to Winning the Speaker Game – What’s the best time of week, day or hour to put on an event based on your topic? What are other things you should be doing to make more money as a speaker? We cover all of this in this segment as well!


Our sole focus in this program is to tell you exactly where the money is in the speaking industry.

We do this because we believe that once you know where the money is in the speaking industry you can make decisions as to where to focus your efforts. Knowledge is power and we want to support you to succeed as a professional speaker!

So if you’re ready to get started and learn exactly where the money is in the speaking industry, click on the ‘buy now’ button below.

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